TopMockup is a free online wireframing tool, designed for creating web and mobile apps. With built-in templates, multiple artboards and a beautiful theme, TopMockup allows you to create better wireframes in much less time. Best of all - it's 100% free.

Built by UX designers, TopMockup is made for product managers, founders, and designers.

Built-in Templates

Instead of creating a profile screen from scratch, start with a template and customize it for your app.

For example, creating an app similar to Tinder? Or want to create a screen similar to the Facebook News Feed? Just select the template and start customizing!

Templates allow non-designers to create a better UX and they allow designers to wireframe an app quicker by not re-inventing the wheel every time.


Keep all of your app screens visible at the same time. It's easier to switch back and forth between screens, and you'll come out with a better UX.

Beautiful by Default

Beautiful wireframes set the tone for the entire project. They set the design bar high, so everyone has a higher standard when designing the UX and the actual app designs. TopMockup has a beautiful theme designed by top UI designers, so you just need to worry about the layout and features.


Export your designs as PDF / PNGs.

Feature Rich

TopMockup was built to desktop standards. It's quick, has all the keyboard shortcuts (like undo/redo), and has all the features you'd expect in a desktop application.

Multiple Collaborators

Let your team make changes, export wireframes, and more with unlimited team collaboration.

100% free

Zip. Nada.

Super fast

TopMockup was designed to be the fastest and most streamlined for creating app wireframes. Everything from keyboard shortcuts to auto-saving to performance enhancements were made to support that one goal.

Much, much more